Number 4


1. Implementation of European Union funds in health promotion on metropolitan city of Warsaw basing on HEPRO Project

2. Tobacco addiction among patients after myocardial infarction

3. The problem of tobacco smoking among high school students under the survey research

4. Health status of University students in the light of the research carried out in Poland in years 1970-2010

5. Physical activity and fitness of physiotherapists

6. Physical fitness of boys with overweight and obesity living in the eastern provinces of Poland

7. Female attitudes towards the idea of co-participation in the costs of hospital treatment

8. Analysis of hygienic habits and prophylactic measures applied by pregnant women

9. Women after mastectomy in marriage and family life on the basis of empirical studies

10. Level of functional and psychosocial efficiency and feeling of life satisfaction among residents of nursing homes

11. Rating of food service in nursing home residents with MS and TSCI

12. Analysis of leisure activities for disabled people aged ≥65 as a basis for planning health education diagnosis

13. Retrospective analysis of pathogens isolated in urinary cultures taken from patients hospitalized at the Dep. of Nephrology in 2010 and their antimicrobial resistance

14. Ticks (Ixodida: Ixodidae, Amblyommidae) in south-eastern Poland and their medical and epidemiological importance

15. The process of Ixodes ricinus (Ixodida: Ixodidae) feeding and its relation to pathogen transmission

16. The comparison of qualifications, skills and professional competences between radiologic technologists in Poland and selected EU

17. Assessment of suitability of yoghurts produced in Poland for the diet of children and teenagers suffering from hypolactasia




18. Disability – definition and classification

19. Rules and procedures regarding the functioning of modern operating theatre

20. Pigeon tick Argas reflexus (Ixodida: Argasidae) in south-eastern Poland – biological features and clinical symptoms

21. Depressive behaviors among adolescents as a public health problem

22. The effects of shift work on health


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