Number 1


1. Risk management in health care centres

2. Retrospective 10-year observation of complications associated with maintaining of catheters in the peritoneal cavity in parients treated with the method of the peritoneal dialysis

3. Alcohol poisoning as a medical problem at the clinical ward of children’s emergency medicine

4. Sexual behaviours of the secondary school youths vs. sexual morality system

5. Relationship between underweight or overweight and the physical fitness of girls from Eastern Poland

6. The analysis and comparison of Pilicz’s test results as an evaluation of the physical fitness

7. Evaluation of breast cancer preven-tion and quality of life by women after single breast mastectomy, grouped in the ‘Amazons’ post-mastectomy women’s club

8. The assesment of women – breast cancer survovors’ sense of health security

9. The influence of the chosen stress-inducing factors on the professional functioning of nurses depending on their age and job seniority

10. Analysis of the state of knowledge and awareness in the area of tick-borne diseases prophylaxis in the population at occupational risk

11. Analysis of ischaemic heart disease risk factors among patients in over forty years of age

12. The meaning of life in members of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, their religious/spiritual activity and the level of happiness

13. Ego resiliency and the condition of health

14. Digital Hospitals. How to navigate them?

15. Development of the health care market – forecasts for the future

16. Inability to work in chosen mental illnesses

17. Deciduous teeth caries in the population of Polish children aged 0.5-6 years

18. Traffic accidents involving pedestrians – a problem of modern medicine and public health

19. Relation doctor – patient – from paternalism to partnership

20. The significance of research in quality of life in medicine

21. Some aspects of the use of herbs in the treatment of conjunctivitis


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